"सुन्दर समृद्द कुश्मा नगर"

Brief Introduction

Kushma is a municipality and the headquarters of Parbat District in Nepal. Kushma was changed into municipality merging eight existing Village Development Committee i.e. Pang, Khurkot, Durlung, Shivalaya, Chuwa, Katuwa Chaupari, Pipaltari and Pakuwa from 18 May 2014.

This city lies in the western part of Nepal just about 57 km from one of a famous cities of Nepal, Pokhara. Kushma falls underWestern Development Region and Dhaulagiri Zone of Nepal.It is located at 28°13'06N 83°40'45E at an altitude of 1294 meters. Kusma belongs to Shiwalaya Village Development Committee (VDC) while being in under consideration of the proposal to be recognized as municipality. Kusma Bazaar is the main attraction of Kusma which seats in the inclined narrow strip on the top of two river's banks, Kaligandaki and Modi.Kusma has been declared new municipality by Nepal government in 2011.